One of our board certified family nurse practitioners worked with a patient who was an opioid prescription addict. He received medication assistant treatment and was supported by behavioral therapy to help him understand the underlying causes of addiction.

He went off opioids and attended regular session with his therapist. He continues to do well and is so thankful for everything in his life right now. Six months ago he was homeless, and now he is living in an RV with his wife who is also going through the program.

He just got a job promotion driving truck with a pay raise and loves it. His wife is currently pregnant, so they have a baby on the way. He is helping to care for his mother who is actually telling him how proud she is of him and how much she appreciates him.

He was skeptical about how he would do in the program, but it has changed his life. He states he was always a negative person complaining about how awful everything was, and the behavioral counseling has taught him to be thankful for things, and he keeps getting more and more to be thankful for.

He had a bad day the other day and strongly felt the urge to use. He told his wife he felt like using again and felt like he needed to go out for a walk instead. He listened to music on his walk, and actually was dancing down the streets on his way home from the walk much happier. He is happy to be learning different coping strategies and is proud of his success.