Save time!  Complete the registration form at your leisure, then bring it on your next visit!

Please Bring the Following:

  1.  Your registration form filled out.
  2. Your insurance card (if you have insurance).
  3. A paycheck stub if you are self-pay or want to take advantage of our sliding fee discounts (based on family size and income).
  4. For Intermountain lab vouchers, they require income verification and utility bills (as proof of Utah residency) for their voucher program.

Print out this form if you want to give pre-authorization so that medical care can be delivered directly to minors if a parent or legal decision maker cannot be present prior to treatment

Download the Registration Packet
Descargue el paquete de inscripción en español

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Eligibility Requirements
To determine eligibility for the program, Medicaid will look at the following:
♦  Income
♦  Legal U.S. residency
♦  Asset Limit (Bank Accounts, vehicles, 2nd house*)
* The home a family lives in is exempt.
Retroactive Coverage
Medicaid might pay for services up to 90 days prior to the date of application.
Spend Down
Under some programs, some clients might qualify for the Spend down program.  Spend down is a way for the client to participate in Medicaid even though their income exceeds the program’s income limit.  Paying cash or submitting past medical bills will help you participate in the Spend down program.
♦  Physician Visit
♦  Emergency care
♦  Hospital
♦  Labs and radiology
♦  Vision services
♦  Dental
♦  Pharmacy
♦  Mental Health
♦  Transportation
♦  Family planning
♦  Physical Therapy
Free or low-cost health coverage
Through the Bureau of Eligibility Services, we have a Medicaid Eligibility Worker on site Monday through Thursday who speaks English and Spanish.  His office is located at the St. George clinic.  He determines eligibility for Medicaid programs (family, aged, disability) as well as CHIP and PCN eligibility.  He does not determine food stamp eligibility.  For more information, call Steve at 435-879-5120.


Medicare is a U. S. Government Health Insurance Program for people 65 and older, some disabled people under age 65, and people of all ages with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant).

We gladly accept Medicare patients.  Please call us at (435) 986-2565 to make an appointment.
For more information about Medicare, please go to the the U.S. Government site:


Family Healthcare accepts patients with any private insurance.  We offer same day or next day appointments, which makes seeing a doctor very convenient when you need one!  If you let us verify your family size and income, you may be eligible for discounted fees on co-pays and patient balances, saving you money!

Washington County School District students, even if they have insurance, only pay a $10 co-pay for their medical visit!

If you have a Health Savings Account and pay your prescriptions in full, you are eligible for reduced prescription pricing, saving you 40 to 60%!

Please call us at (435) 986-2565 to make an appointment.

If you have questions about billing your Insurance, please contact our patient assistance at (435) 879-5125.

Uninsured/Self Pay

Our goal is to provide outstanding health care for every person. If you do not have insurance, please speak with us, we can help.  First, we can assist you in determining if you may qualify for Medicaid.  Then we offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program based on family size and income, so a typical medical visit will cost between $25 – $80. We have programs that may help you access medications and other needed services. This assistance is partially funded through generous grants from Federal and State Governments, the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation, the George S and Dolores Eccles Foundation, Larry H. Miller Charities, and Select25.