Health screenings: A screening test is used to examine an individual for a disease or a health disorder. Most screening tests are done in an effort to catch a disease in its earliest stage, preferably before the onset of symptoms.

Highly Discounted Immunizations for those qualified
Women’s Health Care Services
Management of Acute & Chronic Problems
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Discounted prescriptions: Dispensed by Smith’s Food and Drug and Hurricane Family Pharmacy that will save you 40% to 60%!

Here at Family Healthcare we believe in the integration of the mind and the body. You cannot effectively treat one without treating the other. Integrated Care is “the care that results from a practice team of primary care and behavioral health clinicians, working together with patients and families, using a systematic and cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population” (Peek et al, 2013). Recognizing this, we have an integrative mindset which will allow a mental health professional to visit with you when you come in to visit with your medical provider. “This care may address mental health and substance abuse conditions, health behaviors (including their contribution to
chronic medical illnesses), life stressors and crises, stress related physical symptoms, and ineffective patterns of health care utilization” (Peek et al, 2013). If possible, we’ll work with you therapeutically during your medical visits. If not, we can help you find additional resources in the community. Looking forward to visiting with you soon!

Root canals
Gum diseases