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Family Healthcare makes lives better by providing accessible, quality healthcare – regardless of financial, language, or cultural barriers.

Fact: The largest group of people living in poverty in Southwest Utah are women, ages 18 to 45.Family Healthcare, a 501(c)(3) registered charity since 2002, serves the integrated medical, behavioral, and dental care needs of almost 10% of the population of Southwest Utah. 97% of our patients are in a low-income category, with 50% of those living below 100% of poverty. In 2019, 100% of poverty meant that a one-person household earned less than $12,490, and a family of four earned less than $25,750 annually. More recently, in 2020, the healthcare needs of our community have grown beyond the normal growth rate, particularly for those facing pandemic-related economic and health challenges.

2019 Patient Coverage Breakdown:
43% Uninsured
17% Medicaid/CHIP/Other public
8% Medicare
31% Private insurance
Our patients are a diverse group, who share the need for an integrated healthcare home that provides compassionate, accessible care. Many are employed in the services sector, where wages are low, healthcare insurance is typically not a benefit, and continuous employment is unreliable. Many other patients are elderly, frail, or with special needs. Since 46% of our patients identify as being in an ethnic or racial minority, our services are offered in a culturally competent manner, in both English and Spanish. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of continuing healthcare to all Southwest Utah residents.

New Building Facts:
8 Medical Examination Rooms
4 Medical Procedure Rooms
6 Dental Operatory Rooms
2 Behavioral Therapy Rooms
1 Pediatric Play Therapy Room
1 Discount Pharmacy
1 Community Gathering Room
In order to sustain our ability to meet the primary healthcare needs of one of the fastest developing regions in the nation it became clear that we would need to build. In 2020 our Board of Directors made the bold decision to embark on the construction of a new, state-of-healthcare Community Health Center, to open in Spring 2022 at 2300 Riverside Drive, St. George. This new Community Health Center will enable Family Healthcare to serve the projected healthcare needs of 26,000 community residents by 2025. The new clinic will offer a more efficient work environment to our healthcare providers, with a continued focus on integrated patient-centered care. More Southwest Utah residents will be able to receive the same positive care that our patients currently count on, right here in our community

Family Healthcare is an integral link in the healthcare system of Southwest Utah and is the healthcare access answer for thousands of the residents of St. George, Hurricane, Cedar City, and surrounding communities. We deliver more than $14 million in annual economic impact and almost $2 million in yearly tax revenues. We employ 113 healthcare professionals and indirectly support more than 54 community jobs.

St George City Officials Visit Site

City Officials Discover Family Healthcare’s Essential Role In The Community

ST. GEORGE, Utah (3/23/2021)
Melissa Anderson, Community Education News

A registered charity since 2002, Family Healthcare serves populations in need of medical, dental, and behavioral health care in five locations. This will soon be whittled down to three. The demand for low-cost services in Washington and Iron Counties has led to the construction of a new state-of-healthcare clinic on Riverside Drive in St. George.

While the new clinic isn’t expected to open until April of 2022, City of St. George officials received highlights of what’s to come.

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We are grateful to the following supporters, who have generously contributed in time, talent, and treasure to this important community healthcare access project.

  • Academy Mortgage – St. George

  • The City of St. George

  • George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

  • Intermountain Healthcare

  • Molina Healthcare of Utah

  • Mobile Notary Service

  • VCBO Architecture

  • Westland Construction

  • Zions Bank

  • Mary Hatch

  • Royden & Diane Wittwer

  • The Wilson Family

  • Lorraine Wright

  • Doris Cottam

  • Linda & Angelo Disante

  • Carol Golichnik

  • Carolyn Hollingshead

  • Harvey & Sharlene Homer

  • Tanalee Jackson

  • Carlyn Johnson

  • Monte & Olivia Larsen

  • Walter McGillvray

  • M. C. Leone

  • Darin & Leslie Reeve

  • Sandra L. Sandberg

  • Doris Scholten

  • Kasey and Charity Twitchell

  • Sharon Weeks

Our Pledge

Your generous gift is a sacred trust, which we promise to honor and use in the most effective way possible.

Notes of support from our Southwest Utah community members

“As a healthcare access advocate, I believe there is no more important time than right now, to get behind this fantastic local non-profit that delivers quality, affordable, compassionate healthcare to all our Southwest Utah residents – regardless of financial, language, or cultural barriers.”

Mary Hatch

“Did you know that there are 50,000 people right here in our ‘neck of the woods’ – all of whom need convenient & nearby access to first-rate, integrated behavioral, medical and dental care exactly like Family Healthcare is so good at providing? I have visited Family Healthcare myself: I met with dedicated care providers, and I witnessed first-hand the access that they provide to the uninsured and underinsured in our neighborhoods.”

Representative Travis M. Seegmiller, Sr., JD , Utah House District #62

“I have seen first-hand the health-restoring and often life-saving impact that Family Healthcare has in the lives of Southwest Utahans. I know people who have turned to Family Healthcare in a time of need. Without the resources that Family Healthcare provides, thousands of our fellow residents would not have affordable access to the medical, behavioral and dental care that so many of us take for granted. No one has ever regretted giving whatever they can to ensure a stronger, healthier community.”

Travis Fullmer , Family Healthcare Board Chair and President

“Family Healthcare’s collaborative approach and high caliber of care have made them a valued partner to St. George Regional Hospital and numerous other community organizations in addressing the medical, dental and behavioral needs of our community. We support their expansion and the construction of an improved clinical site that will allow them to keep pace with the region’s community’s growth.”

Mitch Cloward, St. George Regional Hospital Administrator

“As someone who promotes and believes in the power of community, and with deep roots in Southwest Utah – it has been my pleasure to serve on the board of Family Healthcare. Early intervention in medical, behavioral and dental care helps keep our low-income, uninsured citizens out of the ER and free from costly chronic diseases. I encourage all of us to spread the word and support this essential service in our region.”

Del W. Beatty, Dixie State University, Interim VP and Dean of Students

Patient Stories

“When I first became a Family Healthcare patient, about two or three years ago, I was in high school and was facing some dark times in my
life. But I had hope that in the right environment, with the right care, I could be happier.

As a therapy patient I’ve had a very positive experience, and good results. I’ve learned how to look at things with a new perspective, with more
empathy for others. I now approach life and problem solving differently. By breaking bad thought patterns and using my new coping skills, I have
a much more positive outlook, and feel happier.

My mother, and other members of my family are also Family Healthcare patients. English is their second language, so they like the fact that Family Healthcare staff speak Spanish, as well as English, which makes things more comfortable for them. They no longer have fear about reaching out for health care.

Family Healthcare is definitely worth a try. The staff are welcoming, and helpful. The sliding scale fees make it accessible and affordable.”


“Did you know that there are 50,000 people right here in our ‘neck of the woods’ – all of whom need convenient & nearby access to first-rate, integrated behavioral, medical and dental care exactly like Family Healthcare is so good at providing? I have visited Family Healthcare myself: I met with dedicated care providers, and I witnessed first-hand the access that they provide to the uninsured and underinsured in our neighborhoods.

My daughter, Daisy, and I have been patients at Family Healthcare for eleven years. I have so many good stories about the care we have received. For example; I was having vision problems and needed expensive surgery, and Daisy, who has Cerebral Palsy, needed braces for her legs. Family Healthcare helped me get the sight-restoring surgery I needed, performed by volunteer doctors and medical personnel in Salt Lake City. And Daisy was able to get braces too!

My message to others is that you don’t have to feel afraid that you don’t have enough money, or that you don’t speak English well enough. Family Healthcare always has a way to help you. Without them, my surgery would not have been possible. The staff at Family Healthcare are all so kind, good-hearted, and helpful. I think of them as angels.”

Manuela and Daisy

Manuela & Daisy

Help Build the New Clinic