Community Partners

Family Healthcare is grateful for the generous support of the following organizations, which recognize in a tangible way the importance of access to affordable, high-quality health care for all Southwestern Utah Residents. Thank you!


St. George, Hurricane and Cedar City Chambers of Commerce
Court Support Services
Health Resources and Administration (HRSA) primary care grant
Hurricane Pharmacy
Intermountain Healthcare
Rocky Mountain Foundation
Smith’s Pharmacy
The Dove Center
The Learning Center for Families
Utah Health Resources and Administration (HRSA) primary care grant
Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness
Washington County School District
Target Circle Guest-Directed Giving program


Association of Utah Community Health
CVS Health
Delta Dental
George S and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation
Intermountain Healthcare
Larry H. Miller Charities
Rocky Mountain Power
Three Corners Women’s Giving Circle
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Delta Dental Community Care Foundation
GoodCoin Foundation

Thank you!

We are grateful to the following supporters, who have generously contributed time, talent, and treasure to the construction of the Family Healthcare Riverside Drive Clinic, a critically important community healthcare access project, opening Spring 2022!

Academy Mortgage – St. George Branch (34)

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation (41)

Intermountain Healthcare (37)

Ironman Foundation (44)

Mobile Notary Service (19)

Molina Healthcare of Utah

Network for Good (84)

New Promise Lutheran Church (85)

Rocky Mountain Radiator (73)

The City of St. George

United Way of Salt Lake (36)

VCBO Architecture, L.L.C. (69)

Voyager Wealth Advisors, Inc. (4)

Westland Construction

Zions Bank

Afton Miles (88)

Aileen Luz (62)

Amber Rich (68)

Anel Robledo (86)

Angela Edwards Matheson (77)

Blair Archibald (49)

Carlyn Johnson (26)

Carol Golichnik (38)

Carolyn Hollingshead (27)

Cherish Finnegan (90)

Cheryl DeHart (71)

Christopher Frehner (63)

Darin and Leslie Reeve (33)

Diane Sellers (54)

Dominic Greene (51)

Donald Larkin (45)

Donald Scholten (31)

Doris Cottam (30)

E. Harrison (74)

Elaine Baldwin (59)

Gai Cannon (64)

Gary Weseloh (83)

Harvey and Sharlene Homer (25)

James Brickey (53)

Jane Muller (43)

Janet Smith (60)

Janice Gregorius (75)

Jeremy Harris (67)

Jeri Peratis (48)

Jim Clemens (79)

John Cannon (80)

Joshua Shugart (55)

Kara Jackman (87)

Kelli Endter (29)

Kevin Fuller (50)

Kimberly Hanvey (42)

LaRae Funcannon (46)

Larry H. Miller Charities (39)

Laurie Brown (76)

Leslie Sanchez Colocho (57)

Linda B. and Angelo Disante (24)

Lorraine Wright (17)

M.C. (Mabel) Leone (40)

Mary Hatch (6)

Meenakshi Iyer (58)

Michelle Thompson (72)

Monte and Olivia Larsen (23)

Ms Jamie Carpenter (70)

Patricia Warby (52)

Penelope Eicher (78)

Richard L. Bradley (66)

Robert Woodson (65)

Royden and Diane Wittwer (16)

Sandra Sandberg (32)

Sharon Weeks (22)

Sheridan Wilson (28)

Susan Smith (82)

Tanalee Jackson (21)

Tonya Stoor (56)

Trenholm Bartlett (47)

Trevor Page (89)

Vickie Warner (61)

Walter McGillvray (35)

Winnifred Sorensen (81)

Academy Mortgage – St. George

The City of St. George

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

Intermountain Healthcare

IRONMAN Community Fund

Molina Healthcare of Utah

Mobile Notary Service

Rocky Mountain Radiator

VCBO Architecture

Westland Construction

Zions Bank

Elaine Baldwin

Trenholm Bartlett

Richard Bradley

James Brickey

Laurie Brown

Gai Cannon

John Cannon

Jamie Carpenter

Jim Clemens

Doris Cottam

Blair Archibald

Cheryl DeHart

Linda & Angelo Disante

Angela Edwards-Matheson

Penelope Eicher

Christopher Fehner

Kevin Fuller

La Rae Funcannon

Carol Golichnik

Dominic Greene

Janice Gregorius

Kimberly Hanvey

Jeremy Harris

E. Harrison

Mary Hatch

Carolyn Hollingshead

Harvey & Sharlene Homer

Meenakshi Iver

Tanalee Jackson

Carlyn Johnson

Donald Larkin

Monte & Olivia Larsen

M. C. Leone

Aileen Luz

Walter McGillvray

Jane Muller

Jeri Peratis

Darin & Leslie Reeve

Amber Rich

Sandra L. Sandberg

Leslie Sanchez-Colocho

Diane Sellers

Doris Scholten

Joshua Shugart

Janet Smith

Susan Smith

Winnifred Sorrensen

Tonya Stoor

Michelle Thompson

Kasey and Charity Twitchell

Vickie Warner

Patricia Warby

Sharon Weeks

Gary Weseloh

The Wilson Family

Royden & Diane Wittwer

Lorraine Wright

Robert Woodson

We continue to evolve Family Healthcare according to the model of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) which puts patients at the center of the healthcare system, and provides primary care that is “accessible, affordable, continuous, comprehensive, family centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.”

We are looking for various roles across our care teams and administration. If you want to help others and make lives better through compassionate quality healthcare service delivery, then we’d love to hear from you!





2276 E Riverside Dr.
St. George, UT 84790


St. George Medical:  435-986-2565
St. George Dental:  435-359-2165
Millcreek High School:  435-986-2565
Hurricane Middle School:  435-986-2565
Cedar City :  435-865-1387
After Hours Line:  435-986-2565

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